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HEAL Winchendon, which is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for Toy Town residents, is looking for volunteers to give kids in town some real-world learning experiences as part of its Skillshare program.

“In trying to bring people together in town, we really started out by listening to what people needed,” said Miranda Jennings, program director for HEAL Winchendon. “And we heard from a lot of families that there weren’t a lot of accessible programs for kids, especially for families that couldn’t afford an after-school program or an art class or a music class or other extracurricular programs. And then we also heard from students and adults that they wanted more hands-on, skill-based learning.”

Knowing that many older residents in the community had decades of knowledge and skills, the group began looking for volunteers willing to share their knowledge with others in town.

“We thought it would be great to kind of bridge the younger generation to the older generation and bring them together to share their skills,” Jennings said. “We want our youth and everybody to see our community as one of the possibilities, and not one of the problems. So, sharing our wisdom and our skills and all of the great assets we have in town I think is a way to build community pride and relationships.”

Skillsharers and makers can be from surrounding towns! Please come and show off your skills with some amazing youth and residents! Follow the link to sign up!

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