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Community Advisory Board

To ensure that we remain true to the core needs of the communities we serve and stay in touch with evolving local dynamics, we have established our Community Advisory Board (CAB). The primary purpose of the CAB is to act as a bridge between the organization and the community, enabling genuine dialogue, feedback, and shared decision-making.


Some of their Key Functions include:

  1. Voices of the Community: The CAB represents diverse community perspectives, ensuring our initiatives align with real-world needs.

  2. Feedback and Insight: They provide valuable input on our programs, helping us refine, improve, and adapt to serve our beneficiaries more effectively.

  3. Strengthen Community Relations: The CAB fosters strong, enduring connections between our organization and the community, nurturing trust and mutual understanding.

  4. Strategic Guidance: With insights rooted in on-the-ground experience and knowledge, the CAB plays an instrumental role in guiding our strategic directions and future initiatives.

  5. Promotion of Transparency and Accountability: By constantly seeking community input and responding to their concerns, the CAB ensures our operations remain transparent and we are held accountable for our actions.

Our Community Advisory Board is more than just an advisory body. It is a testament to our commitment to placing the community at the heart of everything we do. We believe in collaborative change, and the CAB plays an integral role in shaping a brighter future together.




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