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Becoming Your Most Productive Self

Lesson 1         

  • Conduct a set of free personal assessments to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and what works best for you.

  • Reflect on and identify your values to make the best decisions for yourself.

  • Figure out what inspires you to take action as you work on your short- and long-term goals.

  • Develop your own personal mission statement as the basis to move forward in obtaining your best life.

Lesson 2

  • Engage in exercises to help you increase your productivity and time management.

  • Develop a list of all the things you haven’t gotten done so you can begin to develop a plan to work through them.  

  • Prioritize those tasks/ goals that are within your circle of influence to increase productivity and avoid those things that are within your circle of concern.

  • Generate a list of tasks that align with your values so you will begin to feel more accomplished as you get them done.

Lesson 3

  • Create an Action Priority Matrix for yourself so you can begin being more productive with the time that you have.

  • Develop a weekly schedule where you will work on those tasks that are most important to you and your various roles in your life.

  • Produce a ‘not doing’ list.  It’s just as important to know what NOT to do as it is to schedule those things that are important.

Lesson 4

  • Focus on an Urgent / Important Matrix so you are only working on those things that are most productive and important to help you move towards your goals.

  • Discover what are your “time wasters” and develop a plan to cut them out of your schedule.

  • Identify your most important tasks that are incomplete because of interruptions.  Develop a plan for how to address distractions and effectively deal with them. 

  • Try out exercises you can do to strengthen your attention to tasks and time.

  • Schedule your weekly plans along with daily task lists.

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