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Building Relationships with Constructive Conversations

Lesson 1

  • Learn about different Disc styles, how they affect interactions, and potentially contribute to conflicts

  • Examine the different DISC styles and how to handle conflict

  • Participate in self-assessment to learn how you deal with conflict, answering:

    • How aware are you of how you currently handle conflict?

    • How well do you manage conflict?

    • How resilient are you when conflict happens?

Lesson 2

  • Examine both destructive and constructive responses to conflict

  • Consider strategies for how to change your response.

  • Change your narrative and how you respond to conflict, moving from a victim to a creator

Lesson 3

  • Evaluate how paradigms/patterns of talk affect how you deal with conflict and the ensuing cycle of conflict

  • Analyze the role metaphors play in your conflict situation

  • Identify principles for how to communicate openly and honestly

  • Construct I-statements to have more effective responses to conflict discussions.

  • Moderate your initial reaction to conflict, use restraint, and think about how to temper your responses

Lesson 4

  • Analyze how to address conflict and effectively create Win-Win solutions

  •  Learn the secret of understanding others before speaking

  • Learn the various questions you can ask to generate options.

Identify the proper steps to forgiveness.

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