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Developing Atomic Habits

Lesson 1 

  • Develop self-awareness of habit formation

  • Assess habits you would like to change, identifying how and why starting small is important

  • Explore infra-structures that maintain habits and the power of developing systems for change

  • Examine why you can’t change your habits until you look in the mirror and see yourself differently.

  • Articulate why personal values are important when trying to change your habits.

Lesson 2

  • Identify what perpetuates your habits, what is counterproductive, what is effective, and what you would like to change

  • Learn how to use the 2-minute rule in establishing new habits

  • Use James Clear’s 4 simple steps to build better habits and personalize plans

  • Create accountability for yourself with the simple exercise of a habit scorecard

  • Consider the best way for you to start a new habit.  

Lesson 3

  • Think about how to design the qualities of your environment for success

  • Identify 5 Easy ways to build self-discipline.

  • Explore the secret to self-control, determining how to make a new habit irresistible and how to find and fix the causes of your bad habits.

Lesson 4

  • Create a plan that includes how to use the law of least effort and the cardinal rule of behavior change

  • Choose the habits that best suit you and commit to good habits every day

  • Work to stay motivated in life and work, building on your habits

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