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What We Learned In Our First Week

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The new youth changemakers started at the CAC and were asked to write about their experiences and what they learned over the course of this week!


This week I learned more about how the CAC runs as a whole and then got a deeper understanding of each of the different parts. I spent the majority of my Thursday helping out where I was needed which led to me updating the website mostly. I had never made a website before so this was a learning experience that caused me to branch out into the different creative aspects WIX offers. Along with that I helped in the food pantry and got to see where things went and how it was organized on a deeper level. I roughly knew where things were but I got to see where public donations went and what the freezers held. Most importantly I learned how much a seemingly small act can really impact someone. During my day there was two instances, one when a older man needed help with his phone and I was able to fix some of his issues, and another where a woman was in need of diapers and the small act of providing them for her created so much relief and gratitude that was amazing. This job is so rewarding and I love to be able to see the impact that simple tasks can have on a person's day.


I learned how to work better with other people and how to control the payment system. I communicated with my coworkers on what the customer was ordering and saying. I got confused at times with the payment system but I figured it out and got better at using it. I’m basically a pro now. Working at the café helped me get more comfortable with talking to other people.


In my first week as a Root Leader, I have learned more customer service skills, and how to better advocate for myself, and others while working the farm stand and café carts. I have also learned how to better communicate my ideas with my co-workers, and to better my social skills, and lessen my social anxiety by talking to people more and more. Advocating for myself and others has always been a weakness for me, because I always thought that my ideas were not worth hearing, and now that I have been working with people who are my friends from school and who are now my co-workers, I have learned that the thoughts and ideas I have are worth hearing. because of this job, I have a closer relationship with my friends from school, and to meet new people from other schools who have come to work for this job.


I learned many things just in my first week working here for the CAC. While gardening I learned about, weeding, watering, produce, & different plants. I also worked the café where I learned to improve with my people skills, make good coffee, & use teamwork. My favorite part was the teamwork, I worked with people I had known most my life because of school, but some of them I’ve barely ever talked to. I liked getting to work with people I hadn’t before. It was fun, we worked together to get everything done.


This week I learned about different garden plants. I learned how to string up tomatoes in our garden along with how to plant summer squash. I learned the best ways to plant bean seeds as well. I worked on identifying different kinds of weeds and how to know the difference between weeds and the plants we are trying to grow in our garden. I learned about different types of garlic and how to best harvest them. This has been a fantastic experience for both learning about plants and practicing techniques for gardening.


I have learned a lot with working with the youth change makers in only one week. One of the things that I have learned was advertising a business and running your own business. The café and farm stand teach a lot because they act as you and your co-workers own a business. Running the café with peers also improves relationships which is a social aspect of the work. Different ideas on how to attract customers was a thing so we tried ways to advertise our business which was really fun.


During my time working at the CAC I learned how cooperate as a team and expand upon teamwork skills. When working with people you don't know it's always great to be yourself and talk to each other, even if you don't know how to work with people, just observe and copy. Working at a job such as retail teaches you about always being kind to your customers. These are all very important skills to learn as a teenager for your future jobs and services.


In my first week as a root leader I leaned how it is important it is to work with other people. It is important to listen to everyone and value their ideas and opinions. While I was making a coffee Kass helped me by telling me which ingredients to put in. That is why teamwork is an important part of being a leader.


In my first week as a root leader, I have learned that being kind, positive, and enthusiastic helps me and others while working at the farm stand or at the café. Communicating is a crucial part when working. Helping with the gardens takes a lot of hard work, and it gives me lots of responsibility over the garden, like when to water, when to plant and how to take care of it. Working at the café with my co-workers has been fun, and I've already made some memories that I'll always remember! Working as a Youth Change Maker has been fun so far, and I love to work here and help Winchendon.

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Amazing work all the Change makers and staff! Thank you for all you do for our community!!!

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